Invitation for women who cannot have
(painfree) sexual intercourse

Find Your Path Towards
Pain-free and Passionate Sexual Intercourse
with the one you want,
when you really want it

If you want to feel free to enjoy passionate lovemaking with your beloved, without fear for pain or fear for failure, but naturally and with ease; so that you too can enjoy your intimate relationship with your love... and maybe you even think about having a family with children ....
Or perhaps you have delayed finding your partner and finally want to solve your problem make sure nothing will be in your way of finding your future love........

That will start with solving your vaginismus or painful sex.

Therefore I offer you a special
“Find Your Path Towards Pain-free and Passionate Sexual Intercourse Consultancy”
(Telephone, video chat or at a location in Amsterdam near Central Station)

In this consultancy, you will:
1. Create more clarity about the sexual love life that you want
2. Find the essential building blocks for having the sexual love life of your dreams
3. Discover the number one reason why you react with vaginismus or why you experience painful sex
4. Identify the most powerful actions to overcome your vaginismus or painful sex
5. Find out EXACTLY what to do to create the sexual love life that you truly want.
You will leave the session with the inspiration to really handle your problem now. The price of this consultancy (90-120 minutes) is 200 euros if you come alone and 300 euros if you come with your partner 180-210 minutes). You will have no obligations afterwards. Everything we discuss will be treated confidentially and will stay between you and me.

Who am I?

I am FreyaJoy Annemarie Tinbergen M.A. I have specialized for 16 years in working with women who cannot have (pain-free) intercourse. I help them to really enjoy sexual intercourse without fear or pain.

For example: I recently worked with a woman to overcome vaginismus. She had been to several other therapists without results and was desperate about it. She had been looking for help for already 8 years and was very frustrated with those other therapists. When I started to work with her, she was enthused, because she gained a lot of new insights that were a relief to her; when my work with her was done, she wrote me a letter in which she thanked me because, now, finally she was able “to fuck freely -to use that word for a change-, having a fantastic orgasm at the end as a reward.” She could scream it off the roof, so happy she was. She is so happy that she can surrender to sex again.

I am psychologist NIP -sexologist and have a registration for body psychotherapy. I have endured vaginismus myself and it took me a long time to find my own answers and solutions, but if I knew back then what I do now, it would not have taken so long. Thanks to this, you can overcome your sexual complaints much quicker than I once could.

My Background:

I studied clinical and health psychology at the University of Leiden. When I suffered with vaginismus, there were no adequate therapies available that would fit my situation. This is why I developed a method to overcome vaginismus and painful sex that works. In 1999, I started a volunteers organization for women with vaginismus and painful sex. Suddenly, I was invited to speak for groups of therapists all over the country. I published my book “How I Overcame My Vaginismus”. When I created and offered training for professionals in the treatment of vaginismus and dyspareunia (painful sex), suddenly, everybody called me a sexologist. This is why I finally did and completed the specialization training sexology. However, before that, my training was already accredited by the Dutch Foundation for Sexology. I founded the Center for Sexuality, which is specialized in the treatment of vaginismus and dyspareunia (painful sex), but also helps with other sexual dysfunctions like problems with sexual arousal, erection problems, orgasm problems, disgust for sex and overcoming sex traumata like rape and other forms of sexual abuse. I created a program that helps women to be able to have passionate pain-free sexual intercourse even when other therapies have failed. This is the Sexual Empowerment Program.


In all these years, I mainly got clients who had consulted many other therapists before they came to me. Most clients have been searching for good help for years and were unhappy about the help they got. In most cases, a thorough research had been missing, and therefore the real causes of the complaints were never found; as a result, these therapies were not effective.

So, if you have not found your solutions yet with those other therapists, be aware that this probably isn't your fault. You simply need a new chance with a guide who knows what you need to overcome your sexual problem. To make sure that even you can experience your female sexuality with passion and confidence in the full power of being a woman; to make sure that you fully own your sexuality and that you are firmly at the steering wheel of your sex-life, whether you experience this with yourself or together with your beloved. Because this is an important condition to be able to surrender successfully to sexual love.

Are you serious about overcoming your vaginismus or painful sex? Do you want to have this special “Find Your Path Towards Pain-free and Passionate Sexual Intercourse Skype Consultancy”?

Then fill in the application form (see here under)
When I receive your application form, you will be contacted to make an appointment as soon as possible.

FreyaJoy Tinbergen, M.A.
psychologist NIP, sexologist, bodywork therapist and vaginismus expert by experience

What my clients say


FreyaJoy is good! More words I don't need to describe my sessions with her. Why do I think she is a good therapist? Because she is accurately in her approach and she brings you extremely quickly at the core. Every session again, you get the expertise of a woman who is not only an expert by experience, but as well extremely knowledgeable and skillful in the various methods she applies. I am very grateful for everything that Freyajoy offered and taught me. Harriët


The guidance that I had with FreyaJoy was very clear. FreyaJoy can clarify very strongly how your thoughts can influence you in a situation. She finds faultlessly which belief is influencing your way of being and knows how to teach you to think differently. Thanks to this guidance I have more confidence and I can identify my boundaries better, and because of that I feel more powerful and self-assured. Thank you. Elma


The Skype talk with FreyaJoy was very pleasant. I did not feel diffidence to talk about my problem. The outcome of our talk was that for me, other priorities have to come first in my therapeutic process. Therefore, a therapy with FreyaJoy would not be appropriate at this moment. For me it was pleasant to discuss this with a knowledgeable person, her vision has confirmed my own intuition. With friendly greetings, Hanneke


The most important thing that I want to tell you is that I now dare to say out loud that I have overcome my vaginismus. Now I am writing this down, I have tears in my eyes. Something that I believed was impossible I have accomplished. And you were the most important key in that.
Love, Marloes.


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